Hillman to join panel

July 29, 1992

The Annapolis City Council ended a bitter confirmation fight ++ Monday night by narrowly approving the appointment of former Republican Mayor Richard L. Hillman to the city's Planning and Zoning Commission.

Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins, a Democrat, stirred up a small political tempest a month ago when he nominated the former mayor to fill a vacant seat on the seven-member panel. Despite protests from the three Democrats on the council that Mr. Hillman favored restrictive zoning measures and upset downtown businesses, Mr. Hopkins stood by his choice.

The Republicans confirmed the appointment, 5-4.

The swing vote on the council, Alderman Dean Johnson, I-Ward 2, said his constituents' objections "deserve an answer." But the four Republicans, citing Mr. Hillman's "impeccable" credentials, dismissed the controversy as political.

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