Bloom Road home raidedFINKSBURG -- A morning raid on a...

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July 29, 1992

FINKSBURG — Bloom Road home raided

FINKSBURG -- A morning raid on a Bloom Road residence yesterday turned up enough marijuana to keep someone "high for the next 20 years," the coordinator of the Carroll County Narcotics Task Force said.

In an 8:30 a.m. raid, the task force arrested 29-year-old James Carl Prodoehl after members said they found 52 "beautiful, fully budded plants," close to 3 pounds of dried marijuana, paraphernalia -- including pipes, growth lights and bags -- as well an elaborate in-home growing laboratory in the basement.

Mr. Prodoehl was charged with numerous counts of drug possession with the intent to distribute, manufacturing drugs, possession of drugs, possession of paraphernalia and maintaining a common nuisance. He was released from the Carroll County Detention Center last night after his mother posted $1,000 as security on a $10,000 bond.

According to Assistant State's Attorney Barton F. Walker III, each of the marijuana plants yields a little more than a pound of marijuana on the street. Since the cost of a pound of marijuana in Carroll varies from $4,200 to $6,400, the street value of the haul was estimated to be between $231,000 and $352,000, Mr. Walker said.

Asked whether he considered Mr. Prodoehl to be a drug dealer, Mr. Walker responded, "There's no way all of that pot would be for personal consumption. He'd have enough to keep high for the next 20 years."

Also seized were two cars belonging to Mr. Prodoehl, as well as pictures of him using a pipe, police said.

The raid was the result of a six-month investigation by the task force, Mr. Walker said. He said the investigation is continuing and the State's Attorney's Office expects more arrests to be made.

Sentence is reduced


WESTMINSTER -- The East Main Street man who broke into the Winchester Exchange and set several small fires in September was freed from jail Monday after serving little more than three months of his 18-month sentence.

Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. granted a sentence modification requested by James Henry Cassidy, 29. Cassidy had been sentenced April 14 to terms of two years each on arson, burglary and breaking-and-entering convictions. Judge Beck then suspended all but 18 months of those sentences and ordered them served concurrently.

The sentence was expected because Cassidy had entered into a plea agreement with the State's Attorney's Office on Feb. 11. In exchange for having 14 of 17 charges against him dropped, Cassidy pleaded guilty to the remaining three and agreed to allow the judge to hear only the prosecution's version of the facts. Prosecutors also agreed to argue for no more than 18 months in jail.

The fires -- in the Unique Jewelry store and in the Winchester Exchange management office on Sept. 6 -- and the breaking of windows, doors and electronic equipment caused more than $15,300 in damage, court records show.

Cassidy broke into the building through a third-floor window, court records say. Investigators found broken panes of glass in the doors of the manager's office and jewelry shop and a footprint on the second floor. Blood was found on the floor outside the jewelry store, court records show.

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