Westminster considers banning bicycles from parks

July 29, 1992|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff Writer

WESTMINSTER -- In an unusually short meeting Monday night, the City Council introduced an ordinance that would prohibit bicycles in the playground and parks.

The measure, suggested by Mayor W. Benjamin Brown, came after city police received several complaints of children annoying and hitting pedestrians with their bikes.

However, council members Kenneth A. Yowan and Edward S. Calwell objected to the proposed ordinance, saying children have few other places to ride their bicycles.

City laws already prohibit bicycle riding on sidewalks and ban skateboarding completely.

"My problem with it is that we've so restricted the activities of children already," Mr. Yowan said. "I would rather have the recreation personnel deal with irresponsible bike riders than have police involved.

"The parks belong to the children as well as the adults, maybe more so."

The council expects to vote on the measure at its next meeting, on Aug. 10.

Mayor Brown and Councilwoman Rebecca Orenstein both are away on vacation this week and could not reached to comment.

Also at the council meeting:

* Steven Blank, recycling coordinator for Haden Trash Removal Inc., told members that 18-gallon recycling containers will be distributed to each city resident this week.

Citizens will also receive a pamphlet describing the recycling procedure.

Glass, tin and aluminum food and beverage containers and narrow-necked plastic bottles and jugs marked #1 PET or #2 HDPE can be mixed in the same bin or bag for collection.

Paper products can be placed in paper grocery bags or cardboard boxes, or tied with non-plastic string.

* Council members approved regulations adding recycling to the city trash ordinance.

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