Mrs. Bush offers savory verbal tidbits


July 29, 1992|By SYLVIA BADGER

Lunch with Barbara Bush was just the way I thought it would be -- delightful. When she arrived at the Harbor Court Hotel yesterday, she was greeted by managing director Werner Kunz and his wife, Margrith, who escorted her to the ballroom to have rTC her photo taken with nearly 100 Republicans who had paid $500 each to meet and have lunch with her.

Mrs. Bush was wearing a two-piece, red silk dress sprinkled with yellow and blue dots; red shoes and purse; and, of course, her trademark, three stands of pearls with large pearl earrings. And she's a real pro at keeping the receiving line moving, a quick handshake and a picture, except when she stopped to embrace friends like Nancy Beall, wife of former U.S. Sen. J. Glenn Beall.

H. Furlong Baldwin, Lisa and Greg Barnhill and Carol and George Beall did a splendid job chairing, with a lot of help from Nancy and Phil Smith (He's the former executive director of the national Republican finance committee, who now runs a consulting firm, Philip Smith & Co., in Alexandria, Va.). Their combined efforts raised $70,000 for the party coffers.

Among those partaking of Chef Michale Rork's creative dishes were U.S. Attorney for Maryland Richard Bennett and his wife, Jane; CEO of Alex. Brown, Buzzy Krongard, and his wife, Pat; Baltimore County Delegate Bob Ehrlich; chairman of Maryland's Republican Party, Joyce Terhes, and Anne Arundel County Executive Bob Neal.

Mrs. Bush was effective while singing her husband's praises, or setting the record straight -- it's her dog that has lupus, not her husband, she says, or telling cute insider stories. Others enjoying her tidbits were Susie Luetkemeyer, Courtney McKeldin, Bunny Salisbury, Carol McCrory, Mary Charlotte Parr, Lindsay Knott Beatson, Molly Hathaway, Robb Banks, Carol Hirschburg, Abby Nash, Lydia Weiss, Jennifer Vitale, Wendy and Ben Griswold, Bernie Treuschler, Stuart Stewart, George Wills, Matt Polk Jr., and the Rev. William P. Baxter of St. Thomas Church in Garrison, and his wife, Susan.


Baltimore native and nationally acclaimed jewelry designer Lana Posner was chosen to design the U.S. Olympic commemorative ring. Posner, whose parents, Norma and Lester, still live here, was selected by the official licensee of the U.S. Olympic committee. And in that capacity, she not only designed rings, lapel pins and pin slides for the athletes, but she created another ring for the support staff.

One of the highlights of the venture for Posner was being invited to Tampa, Fla., where the athletes gathered to be outfitted and measured for their rings before leaving for Barcelona. Olympic committee member George Steinbrenner was most ` complimentary about her ring and took off his New York Yankees ring to try on the Olympic ring.

According to Posner, "The ring, which is silver with 24 carat gold vermeil and a black antique background, is simple and doesn't look like the normal commemorative high school or college ring."


Don't miss the July 27 issue of Newsweek, which features a delightful "must read" article for parents by Linda DeMers Hummel, a talented, local free-lance writer. Her article on page 8 really amused me because I know so many parents who "supplement summer" for children.


Crinolines will be in style this weekend at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn, when more than 1,300 square dancers check in. At 7:30 tomorrow evening, dancers from 18 states will kick off the 29th Star Spangled Banner Festival. Spectators are welcome to watch.

Larry Kushner from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has been invited to pick up a check for $2,500.

For more info, call Roland and Bettye Gray, festival directors, or Tom and Margaret Ingram, who are handling publicity for the event, at (410) 785-7000.

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