Towson's Anita Nall is a gold-medal Olympic favorite in...

July 27, 1992

Towson's Anita Nall is a gold-medal Olympic favorite in the women's 200-meter breaststroke swimming event. In an occasional diary, Nall will share her thoughts from the Summer Games.

BARCELONA, Spain -- As I sat and watched the opening ceremonies on television Saturday night, I was kind of thinking how happy I was that I made the choice not to attend.

The ceremonies were beautiful, but they required a lot of walking for the athletes and because my first race was so soon, I needed to stay off my feet. But I got to see everything from TV. The people in the walk could not possibly see everything that occurred in the stadium.

I'm feeling a little nervous at the moment, but I hope most of that nervousness will turn into energy before today's race (the 200 breaststroke).

I have been in the competition pool only once, but I feel that was enough. It is a beautiful pool, with seating for almost 10,000 people. The stands will be packed with screaming Spanish fans. I am not quite sure if the cheering will distract me or enhance my performance. Maybe it won't do either. But the only way I will find this out is on the day of competition.

I'm ready.

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