Towson's Anita Nall is a gold-medal Olympic favorite in...

July 26, 1992|By ANITA NALL

BARCELONA SPAIN — Towson's Anita Nall is a gold-medal Olympic favorite in the women's 200-meter breaststroke swimming event. In an occasional diary, Nall will share her thoughts from the Summer Games. BARCELONA, Spain -- The Olympic Village is much larger than I ever expected. It has large game rooms, a library, computers and a 24-hour cafeteria. The food that we are given is fabulous. You can get anything and everything from fruit to pasta to chicken to beef. The apartments we're in are basically large, housing eight. We have a kitchen, four bedrooms, a TV room and a balcony. Pretty nice, but there is no air conditioning and that's rough.

Usually, we wake up around 7:15 in the morning, get dressed, grab our swim stuff and run to the next building to eat breakfast. Then we go to the competition pool. It's absolutely beautiful. It also feels very fast. After a morning swim, we return to the village and rest as much as possible, which can be difficult.

Thursday, I went to a one-hour news conference which turned into a four-hour ordeal because we had to do a lot of TV interviews. Being on your feet for a long time is not the greatest thing to do before a major competition.

The excitement will come after, not during the meet. Right now, everyone is focusing on swimming and not much else. I am

getting a little nervous. But mostly, I'm excited!


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