Dear Stadium Doctor:Is the great sports announcer of the...

Stadium Doctor

July 26, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

Is the great sports announcer of the Orioles, Jon Miller, related to the former budget director under Reagan, James C. Miller III? They look like brothers.

Milton Rifkin


Dear Milton Rifkin:

Thank you for raising this fascinating question, which is the first on the subject of alleged blood relations ever received by Stadium Doctor. I'd like to add that I feel uniquely qualified to answer your question, having been mistaken recently myself for an esteemed health-care colleague, Dr. Scholl's.

To my surprise, you are not the first to call attention to this Miller-Miller look-alike thing, if I may call it that. Jon Miller says he has been mistaken for Miller The Budget Guy several times, though never by immediate family members or radio personality Elane Stein.

7+ By the way, the Millers aren't related.


Dear Stadium Doctor:

If you recall, at Memorial Stadium, a flag was placed in left field to mark the only ball to leave the park. Will the warehouse in right field at Camden Yards be marked when it is hit by a home run?

Mike Berger

Glen Burnie

Dear Mike Berger:

I appreciate getting a letter like yours because it proves again that Orioles fans like the warehouse very much, and might even favor protecting certain floors in the upcoming expansion draft, even if it means parting with Chito Martinez. I myself support this warehouse preservation thing and think it would be a shame if the building ended up in Miami next season, particularly after they went to the trouble of painting that big "Welcome to Camden Yards" sign on the top floor.

You asked an extremely good question, which makes it harder than usual to ignore. The answer is that the Orioles plan to mark the spots of real long home runs hit off the warehouse and into the Eutaw Street corridor, at least those hit by Orioles players. Team officials haven't had to move real fast on these plans, though. So far, three balls have been hit onto Eutaw, none by a hometown hero.


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