Investigate school boardFrom: Joseph BondPresidentHarford...


July 26, 1992

Investigate school board

From: Joseph Bond


Harford County Branch

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


To: Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick

State superintendent of schools

The Harford County branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Minority Affairs Committee (Teachers), and the Ministerial Alliance have a number of concerns.

Some complaints have been brought to our attention concerning the Harford County Board of Education.

We are requesting the Maryland State Board of Education to conduct a review of the Harford system to assure minority students and staff members are not the victims of discrimination, and that they are receiving an equal opportunity as directed by law. This request is in view of complaints and of concerns and the severity of the issues.

* The low number of minority personnel to administrative positions over a reasonable period of time and the total number of positions in administration. We feel the present number should be greater in the light of 38 years since May 17, 1954.

* A seeming apparent practice of a silent "quota" system in regards to minorities -- in all personnel areas.

* Slow or non-recognition of the achievements and the educational preparation of minority personnel.

* An explanation of selection, placement and assignment of minority personnel.

* Traditional and continuous slow movement "up the ladder" of minority personnel.

* Minority individuals are told they must "do something" to get themselves known in order to receive promotions regardless of skill, success and preparation.

* The fact that the practice of administrative interns continues, though closed to minorities.

* "Blackballing" of minority employees in regard to promotions/advancements in any area as a method of "punishing."

* Lack of teaching of African-American history.

* It is possible for all students to complete 12 years in Harford schools and never have a minority teacher.

pTC * There are a number of Harford schools without one minority teacher.

* Extremely high rate of male minority suspensions and dropouts. Unfair and unequal treatment of minorities.

* Low number of minorities in advanced placement classes.

* Minority students pointed to two-year schools and as a result are not adequately prepared for employment.

* Alarming decline in minority personnel as many retire, resign and are not replaced.

* Deliberate exclusion of positive materials in folders of personnel while negative materials are included.

* Exclusion of minorities on school planning and improvement committees.

* Discriminatory statements, jokes, off-color jokes, foul language practiced by some administrators and personnel in classrooms and meetings.

* Denial of programs proposed by minorities to benefit all students, non-minorities permitted.

* Poor self-esteem promoted by books that exclude or limit contributions of minorities.

* Absence of positive role models for all students of minority males in administrative and positions of authority.

* Minorities in-county rarely moved to administrative positions, non-minorities rapidly moved up. Positions are filled by bringing minorities in from outside Harford.

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