Golf proposal raises fear of errant balls

July 26, 1992|By Erik Nelson | Erik Nelson,Staff Writer

9unning Brook residents told Columbia Council members last week that not everyone favors current plans for building a replacement for Allview Golf Course.

"I am concerned with golf balls bouncing off my house and strangers roaming through my yard," said Pamela McKusick, who lives one back yard away from one of the planned golf tees.

About 20 people showed up from Running Brook to register their opposition to building three holes through their neighborhood.

"I thought the issue of it being put in Running Brook had been put to rest," said McKusick, explaining that her neighbors knew there was going to be a course, but thought it would be confined to the site of the Allview course, which closed in 1985.

The council in February approved $130,000 for planning and permits for the course in this year's budget. They fell one vote short, however, of budgeting $5.5 million to construct the course this year.

At the July 9 meeting, about 50 people showed up to support the project. Council members did not respond to an invitation from Chairman John Hansen of Harper's Choice to stall the development.

In other action, an equally vocal contingent came to Thursday night's meeting to urge the council to dredge Luckpenny Pond in Long Reach village.

About $35,000 for dredging the pond was among cuts from this year's budget in response to Columbia residents' pleas to lower the association's annual property charge. The charge was lowered from 75 cents to 73 cents per $100 of a half a property's assessed value.

After hearing residents' entreaties, the council voted to pay for .. obtaining permits for the dredging by transferring $9,268 budgeted for a pathway project stalled by permit problems.

People who live near the pond, which is at the end of Luckpenny Place, told the council that it is a weed-choked eyesore.

"I hate to see kids playing around the dead fish," said Greg Sharp. He said as a bicyclist, he has seen many of Columbia's bodies of water, but Luckpenny Pond is the worst he has seen.

"If anybody can walk on water, that's where they can do it," he said.

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