Man banks on ad, not cupid's arrow

July 26, 1992|By Bruce Reid | Bruce Reid,Staff Writer

Joe Peller found his thrill -- maybe -- at the Bucks County Blues Festival.

But he forget to get her phone number. Or her last name.

So Mr. Peller, 36, of the Philadelphia suburb of Langhorne, did what any ambitious, creative young man would do.

He took out a three-day, prominently placed advertisement in The Sun for $125. The ad, which ran Friday and yesterday and runs today, reads:

"KAREN from Baltimore, I met you at the Bucks County Blues Festival. 7/18. Please call Joe from Langhorne. . . ."

Karen, by Mr. Peller's description, is a tall, "30ish" woman with short sandy-colored hair. "She's just a very attractive person. I enjoyed talking to her," Mr. Peller said by telephone from his home, which is a two-hour drive to Baltimore.

Yes, he remembered to put his phone number in the ad. No, Karen hadn't called -- at least not by Saturday evening.

"She might see the ad and just be ignoring it," said Mr. Peller, who added that the ad was not an act of desperation but just a "whim."

"Even if it just amounted to a phone call and a few laughs, that would be enough," he said. "I'd like to at least finish the conversation."

Mr. Peller said his brief time -- 30 minutes -- spent with Karen wasn't all fireworks and love songs. Just some "fragmented" but fulfilling conversation, punctuated by background music from the headliner act at the festival: Little Jimmy King and the Memphis Soul Survivors.

About 1,200 people were there at the Moose Lodge picnic grounds.

No telling whether there was more than one "Karen from #F Baltimore" at the festival. Mr. Peller talked to just one.

The beer was flowing, as at many outdoor music festivals. Mr. Peller, a self-employed, home-improvement contractor, said he had a few.

"I guess I was being a little small-witted. I forgot to get her phone number."

What if the ad doesn't work?

Mr. Peller said he would let it go. "It's not worth going broke over."

Karen from Baltimore -- the one whose friends rode to the Bucks County Blues Festival in a chartered bus but you missed it so you had to drive up in your car, getting lost on the way -- Joe from Langhorne would appreciate a call.

Stay tuned till next time. Did Joe find Karen? Is Joe still sitting by the phone, playing his Little Jimmy King and Memphis Soul Survivors tape over and over?

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