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July 26, 1992


Editor: I continue to be disheartened by the pervasive belief that there is only one "good" way to play a sport, i.e., the men's way ["It's Coming to a Head," June 14]. Women's lacrosse is just the most current victim of this demeaning attitude, which shames female athletes into feeling second rate.

The fact of the matter is that the women's game is different, but rather than celebrate its uniqueness -- which centers around a code of ethical conduct critical to safe play -- an increasing number of coaches have chosen to replace (rather than complement) that "female" core with the overly aggressive philosophy of the men's model, because that is the model which is valued by society in general. The sports pages of any newspaper in America confirm and reinforce this attitude on a daily basis. Thankfully, the Sunday magazine sections are a trifle

more daring.

Donna M. Ledwin,

Director of Athletics

College of Notre Dame


Editor: How in the world can you guys do a feature on the karaoke phenomenon ["Micro-Phonies," June 7] without mentioning Joey P? Here's a guy I've seen in several bars and nightclubs around town belting out songs more incredibly than anyone I've heard on the radio in recent years. . . . there is plenty of genuine talent out there that could make a name for itself one day. Who knows?

Guy Parker


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