Yaakov Hazan a founder of the Marxist-leaning Hashomer...

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July 25, 1992

Yaakov Hazan a founder of the Marxist-leaning Hashomer Hatzair kibbutz movement, died Wednesday in Jerusalem. He was 92. Mr. Hazan also helped found and led the socialist Mapam movement and served in Israel's parliament from 1949 to 1973. Mapam is now part of the leftist Meretz bloc that joined the recently elected government of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The Hashomer Hatzair kibbutzim, or collective farms, remain closer to the original idea of the kibbutz, keeping children in separate houses and retaining collective ownership of property.

Rudolf Ising, whose cartoon "Milky Way" became the first non-Disney cartoon to win an Academy Award, died of cancer last Saturday in Newport Beach, Calif. He was 88. The cartoon about three kittens won the 1940 Oscar for best short-subject cartoon. Mr. Ising worked for Walt Disney before moving to Warner Bros., where he and collaborator Hugh Harman created the Merrie Melodies cartoons. In 1934, Mr. Ising and Mr. Harman left Warner, opting for the larger budgets of MGM. At MGM, the duo introduced Barney Bear, considered the forerunner of Yogi Bear. Mr. Barney was said to have been based on Mr. Ising, who tended to fall asleep during meetings.

John Phillips, John "Jud" Phillips, who with his brother Sam helped give Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis their starts, died Monday of throat cancer in Memphis, Tenn. He was 71. Mr. Phillips was a promoter for Sun Records, the small Memphis label founded by his brother that first gave the nation the sounds of Elvis, Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. He also served as Mr. Lewis' manager for a time.

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