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July 25, 1992|By John Dorsey MOVIES


Remembrances of war

Paul Kohl's "Why We Lost the War," a combination of poems about the Vietnam War and photographs of Civil War battlefields, jars us out of forgetfulness about Vietnam and about war. These, together with David Beaudouin's poems and Thea Osato's drawing/paintings from their book "The American Night Series," are among the best works in "Prose/Poetry -- Visual Arts Collaborative." Image-text combinations are hardly new, but this is apparently the first such show in Baltimore, and it's an excellent idea become worthwhile though quite uneven show. At the BAUhouse through Aug. 14; call (410) 659-5520. "Mom and Dad Save the World" may not be the best thing to arrive on screen since "Dr. Strangelove," but it offers a chance for three excellent character actors -- Teri Garr, Jeffery Jones and the irrepressible Jon Lovitz -- a chance to really strut their stuff. PG-rated.

Stephen Hunter Like any other over-used idea, the "unplugged" approach to rock and roll is all-too-rapidly turning into a cliche. Even so, some bands are bound to benefit from the all-acoustic format -- particularly those for whom songwriting is everything. That's why Squeeze's unplugged performances at the Senator Theatre tomorrow and Monday promise to be so marvelous -- with a songbook as rich as theirs, less volume will invariably lead to more enjoyment. Showtime is 8 p.m. both nights (Monday is sold out), and tickets are $25. Call (410) 481-7328.


'Othello' in the park

Shakespeare on Wheels' production of "Othello" is what the University of Maryland Baltimore County's traveling theater is supposed to be: Easy Viewing, without being Shakespeare Lite. Director Sam McCready makes the script easy to follow. James Brown-Orleans is an exotic Othello. Performances are tonight in Courthouse Square Park in Town Center, Route 28 and Maryland Avenue, Rockville, (301) 309-3340, and tomorrow in the Wyman Park Dell, N. Charles Street and Art Museum Drive, (410) 889-7927. Curtain is 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.

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