To start, love that dessert!

July 24, 1992

BARCELONA, SPAIN — Towson's Anita Nall is a gold-medal Olympic favorite in the women's 200-meter breast stroke swimming event. In an occasional diary, Nall will share her thoughts from the Summer Games.

BARCELONA, Spain -- Two weeks on the road. Another few weeks to go.

I've practiced, seen some sights, gotten ready as best I can for my races. We arrived here Wednesday and established our living quarters. But I was kind of sad because we had just left a really great place, Narbonne, France. The U.S. swim team was there for 10 days, and it was really neat. We met all these people at the hotel, and they were so nice to us. We even got to meet the mayor of Narbonne and his staff.

But I'll always remember Narbonne because that's where I turned 16, July 21. The team had a party for me. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday," and that was nice. Mike Barrowman and Roque Santos gave me some presents, puzzles and travel games. My coach, Murray Stephens, gave me these French cards where there is a question on one side and you rub off the answer on the other. But I haven't figured it out yet, because I don't speak French. The best part was the dessert. We had this six- or seven-layer cake that was the richest cake I ever tasted in my life. There was whipped cream and cream puffs and chocolate syrup. But don't worry. I only ate a small piece. I still have to race.

, P.S., I miss everyone at home.

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