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July 24, 1992

SANDY Grady is a columnist for the wildly liberal Philadelphia Daily News. As such, he qualifies for reprinting in the similarly radical Evening Sun. Because Grady is fairly crafty -- a sort of Mary McGooGoo with a mallet -- and because I believe in keeping an eye on the enemy, I read his July 14 column on the Democratic National Convention.

At first I thought the Age of Miracles had arrived, that this heavy-handed, hard-lefty had actually written something with which I could agree:

"It's the Valium-like peace inside the Garden that makes you wonder what happened to the old snarling, biting Democrats . . . This seamless, antiseptic love-in is exactly what Governor Clinton and party chairman Ron Brown wanted . . . You may call the federal pen at San Quentin "unified," too, but it's not exactly democratic with a lower-case "d."

Why on Earth is it that one of the few times I can agree with Grady and The Evening Sun, they commit a king-size boo-boo? Sandy can try calling the federal pen at San Quentin any time he wants, but he won't get through. It's a state pen, where I used to be on the chaplain's staff. Do you also confuse Penn State with the Pennsylvania state pen?

Lester Kinsolving

The writer is a WCBM radio talk-show host.

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