SIGN of our times:Last Thursday night the Baltimore Board...


July 24, 1992

SIGN of our times:

Last Thursday night the Baltimore Board of School Commissioners named Dr. Patricia White, a school administrator Wilmington, Del., to the following newly created position: "assistant superintendent of staff development, organizational and attitudinal reform."

* * * NOW that the Cold War is dying down perhaps the bureaucratic urge to stamp "secret" on documents for national security reasons will wither away in Washington. But fear not, ye wielders of the rubber stamp, there is ample work for you in Annapolis.

The heights (if that is the right word) to which Governor Schaefer has gone in order to protect state secrets has no limit. A curious birdwatcher sought some information about wildfowl from the Department of Natural Resources the other day. The appropriate office told him he would have to consult the public affairs office. The public affairs office said it would have to check with the governor's press office before answering any questions about mallards.

Twenty-four hours later the public affairs office reported that it was ready to take questions on mallards -- approval, apparently, having been granted by the Great Censor in the State House or one of his flunkies. We wonder how much taxpayers' money was wasted in that asinine exercise.

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