Theatre company shows community ``High Spirits'' Musical comedy lifted by four strong leads

July 24, 1992|By Phil Greenfield | Phil Greenfield,Contributing Writer

The Pasadena Theatre Company continues to serve as one of the area's most pleasant sources of quality showmanship. This is an industrious, unpretentious bunch who often travel a bit off the beaten path to bring interesting, worthwhile theater to their loyal viewers.

Among area theater troupes, Pasadena alone insists on live

musical accompaniment and I applaud them for it. But in this production some judicious editing was definitely called for.

Start the overture at letter "B" instead of at the beginning if you must. Change the instrumentation at the trouble spots if that will help. With an amateur orchestra in a tough show, editorial discretion is definitely the better part of valor. As the musical director of 10 high school productions over at Annapolis High I can attest to this personally. Cheat, for heaven's sake!

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