Deeper cuts in store, Schaefer warnsAs he presided over...


July 23, 1992

BALTIMORE CITY: — Deeper cuts in store, Schaefer warns

As he presided over the official cutting of $56.5 million from the state budget yesterday, Gov. William Donald Schaefer cautioned that even deeper cuts were in store in coming months, particularly for some local governments.

State employees have forfeited cost-of-living raises and longevity increases, but some counties are giving their workers bigger paychecks, Mr. Schaefer complained.

The state faces a deficit of $170 million to $240 million for the fiscal year that began July 1.

The budget-cutting session marked the seventh such round in two years. More than $1 billion has been cut in that time.

The Board of Public Works yesterday approved the cuts to balance the books on the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Slicing the budget for the current fiscal year, the board took $20 million from state agencies, leaving 15 employees without jobs. The board also chopped $36.5 million in aid to Baltimore's 24 subdivisions for education, health programs, police departments and community colleges.

Some local cuts were slightly increased or decreased since they were announced last week as budget officials fine-tuned the plan.

Baltimore lost $5.5 million, almost $200,000 less than expected. Baltimore County lost almost $4.9 million, about $150,000 more than expected. Cuts were $2.8 million for Anne Arundel, $700,000 for Carroll, $1.2 million for Harford and $1 million for Howard.

Violent crime, including murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, increased 21.4 percent in the first six months of 1992, city police said yesterday.

Murders increased 4.8 percent, from 145 in the first half of 1991 to 152 during the same period this year, the figures show. The other increases were rapes (330 to 396), robberies (4,902 to 5,881) and aggravated assaults (3,327 to 4,134).

Police said the increases are not unusual when compared with rising urban crime rates nationwide.

"Baltimore is not unique," said police spokesman Sam Ringgold. "Violent crime is a concern nationwide. We have guns, unemployment, drugs and the list goes on."


A Baltimore man accused of having sex with his 5-year-old stepdaughter and giving her gonorrhea has been acquitted by a Howard County jury.

After a two-day trial this week, Bernard Brailford, 26, was found not guilty of two counts of physical and sexual child abuse and a third-degree sex offense. He was charged in February with having sex with his stepdaughter last December and January at the girl's grandmother's house in Howard County.

The girl was diagnosed Jan. 22 with gonorrhea, and shortly afterward her mother and Mr. Brailford also tested positive.

Maryland State:

Two elderly Pennsylvania women were fatally injured Tuesday when their car went through a stop sign and collided with a tractor-trailer outside Clear Spring.

Bertha Byers, 70, of Chambersburg, and a passenger, Anna Myers, 74, of St. Thomas, died at Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown, state police said. Police said no charges were placed against the truck driver, Lloyd Emswiler Jr., 24, of Hagerstown.

Anne Arundel County:

A Circuit Court judge ruled yesterday that Brian A. Tate's father had the authority to consent to a search of his son's room two days after the youth's arrest on a murder charge.

But Circuit Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr. said he will study the issue of whether Arthur C. Tate Jr. was coerced into consenting to the Feb. 27 search that produced key evidence in the prosecution's case.

Brian Tate, 16, is charged with the Feb. 16 murder of Jerry Lee Haines, 19. Mr. Haines had been dating a 16-year-old girl the Tate youth had dated previously.

Judge Thieme will rule later on the defense motion to suppress the evidence -- a pair of brass knuckles and a wallet belonging to the victim -- and other motions.

Arguments on pretrial motions to suppress evidence concluded yesterday. Defense lawyers also have moved to suppress two blood-splattered towels, taken in a Feb. 25 search. And they want to compel the state to identify a confidential informant who revealed the whereabouts of the brass knuckles and wallet and the deal he received for his cooperation.

Baltimore County:

A 48-year-old Prince George's County man was struck yesterday by a Maryland Railroad Commuter train near the St. Denis station.

Thomas W. Morehouse, of Capitol Heights, was found shortly before noon lying between the tracks near Arlington and Maple avenues county police reported.

Police said Mr. Morehouse's left leg was nearly severed and had to be amputated below the knee. He was in serious condition today at Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

Police said there were no witnesses. No train crew reported hitting anyone, MARC officials said.

Police were trying to learn if Mr. Morehouse was struck crossing the tracks or if he was trying to walk between the cars as the train slowed in approaching the station.

Carroll County:

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