It's hurry up and wait at the MVAIf you need a duplicate...

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July 23, 1992

It's hurry up and wait at the MVA

If you need a duplicate driver's license these days, here's fair warning: be prepared to spend a long day getting the job done.

When my wallet was lost or stolen recently, I notified the police only to be told to contact the Motor Vehicles Administration's "Hot Line." The "Hot Line" accepted my report, promised to speed up service and advised I should go to a MVA branch armed with passport, social security cards, title and registration, a recent bank statement and a canceled check.

Great idea, I thought, given some of the problems the MVA had experienced recently.

The closest full-service MVA office for me was in Mondawmin. I took my satchel of ID materials there and, to make a long story short, between standing in line to get a number, waiting interminably for my number to be called (there were close to 100 people ahead of me), being finally serviced by a license-issuing official, paying the fee, waiting to get my photo taken and finally being handed the duplicate license, some five hours went by.

To add insult to injury MVA officials looked at only one of the IDs I had brought along. It occurred to me and a great many fellow-sufferers that day it ought to be possible to devise a system that gives busy Maryland motorists more expeditious and sensible service.

Henry W. Eisner


Governor taxes

We are not willing to pay more taxes, but we are willing to let the potholes get deeper.

Recently, Gov. William Donald Schaefer made his first move toward still higher taxes in the State of Maryland. The "more taxes" governor is threatening once again to take money away from the local governments.

The governor is threatening to close prisons and lay off police. Well, if we do not have the police to lock up the criminals, we will not need the prisons.

The governor is also threatening to reduce education money and force the school administrations to put more students into each classroom. It won't work either.

There are too many of us who went to school in the 50s when the average classroom size was 40 plus. Since the early 60s, the size of the classroom has been reduced, and the quality of the education our children receive has dropped right along with the classroom size.

Let the potholes get deeper.

John Hillstrom


Trained to help

There are a lot of former CSX engineers under retirement age who could be hired by MARC to operate the commuter trains and the special event trains. This would not disrupt the daily flow of CSX crews going about their normal duties.

I was an engineer for CSX for nine years and have operated both freight and passenger trains between Baltimore and Washington (as well as Brunswick and Washington), so I know it could be easily done.

All I would need is a short refresher course. All the state would need is a new agreement with CSX.

I am sure that the state would save money and the result would be better service . There would also be more accountability by our state officials for the services provided.

Robert Usher


Juanita Mitchell

A giant has left the stage, yet the play goes on. Generations of players of color yet unborn shall find the stage a little less hostile place because of her movement across it. She performed upon the stage of life with such dedication, concern and enthusiasm that not just people of color, but all people have been elevated by her passage across the stage.

The giant of whom I speak is Juanita Jackson Mitchell.

Those of us who knew and admired her could do well to celebrate her life by rededicating our own lives to those principles of justice and fairness for which she fought with so much vigor.

Archie D. Williams

Macon, N.C.

Tactics criticized

Members of Operation Rescue were going to present Governor Clinton with a human fetus. This is a group that claims to understand the sanctity of life.

If they truly believed that fetus was a baby, how could they cart it around in a glass jar? That would be like my carting around my dead grandmother to show people because I was upset that she died of cancer and I didn't think the doctors had done enough to save her.

This is only one of the many hypocrisies I see among these anti-choice zealots. Another blatant bit of hypocrisy is their reverence for those who "saw the light" after having an abortion or, even better, had been abortionists but have joined their camp.

If Charles Manson suddenly decided tomorrow that the killing he did was wrong and that he wanted to travel the country to preach about not killing, should he be let out of jail to do so? I think not. So why do these people revere those whom they must consider murderers?

If these people truly cared about others, they would not use the tactics that have become their trademark. While some would say that I only refer to a fringe group of "right to lifers," this fringe group has taken center court and has come to stand for everything this movement represents. It represents hate, fear and intimidation.

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