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July 22, 1992

Regulation is killing U.S. businesses

Thank you for publishing Peter Jensen's article on the Clean Air Act's effect on commuters in the greater Baltimore area (July 17). The article continues to demonstrate that the country is never more in danger than when Congress is in session.

Although the act's goals are laudable, the implementation of the proposed regulations clearly would be wrong.

Businesses are again being told to serve as agents of government policy. But what possible business reason is there for an employer to redirect his time and assets from making a profit to designing and policing an employee commuting plan? In an age when business bankruptcies are soaring, the last thing we need is another costly regulation.

Our cities are dying, and one reason is that businesses are closing down because of the cost of non-business-related government regulations.

Can anyone say with a straight face that the EPA proposal will help create jobs?

There is also a serious personal freedom issue involved. It's one thing for the government to restrict a citizen's activity, such as limiting access to a sensitive government building.

It is quite another to force a person to take certain actions, such as requiring employees to carpool or take public transportation to work. Both liberals and conservatives should be able to agree on this point.

These regulations are bad and they should be challenged. I would hope that the media would lead the charge to kill these regulations before they become effective.

Dennis W. Kreiner


Wimp of the year

I feel indebted to H. Ross Perot for restoring my faith in such honest politicians as President George Bush, presidential candidate Bill Clinton, vice presidential candidate Al Gore and even in Vice President Dan Quayle.

Mr. Perot lied to the American people and encouraged them to support his presidential bid, only to desert them with a very pitiful and dishonest explanation.

Mr. Perot has proven that a cowardly, loudmouth bully from the private sector is no threat to experienced politicians.

Our presidential and vice presidential candidates have paid their dues and they have the necessary experience and fortitude to fight their way to the top. A pipsqueak braggart totally unprepared for the political arena is no match for the professional politicians.

No longer will President Bush have to be concerned about being labeled a wimp. Ross Perot is now undisputedly entitled to be called the 1992 Wimp of the Year.

Walter Boyd


Good friends

I enjoyed Elise Chisolm's sympathetic emotional story, "Womanly ties to my heart," in The Evening Sun on July 7.

The close friendship between women friends can be very meaningful and lots of fun!

Betty D. Edlavitch


Another title

A news item in The Evening Sun July 1 reported: "Although voicing sympathy for children poisoned by lead paint, Bush administration officials oppose an abatement measure proposed by Maryland Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, saying it would be too costly for the lead industry."

It appears that President Bush has just added another title to the many he claims -- the businessman's president.

Frank Matthews


Dumb like Quayle

Since your newspapers had so much fun with Vice President Quayle's spelling error, it's only fair to note that the editors of The Evening Sun missed a glaring error in a Forum letter July 13.

The word, as many readers must have noticed, was "stationary" -- used to describe writing paper. It should have been "stationery."

Some might argue that the word was misused instead of misspelled, but that would be a matter of opinion.

Jack Kelly


Too much violence

Which form of violence will you see on television news today? Civil war, ethnic and racial strife, mass murder or serial killing. Drive-by shootings, family bloodshed, spouse beating and child abuse.

Deadly violence has invaded even America's schools. Thousands of schoolchildren carry guns to class every day.

You see violence -- fueled by hate, fear, revenge, injustice, greed, bigotry, economic inequality. Are we coming close to introducing martial law to this lawless society? Is this going to be the answer?

We need a strong leader in Washington. We have had enough of lethargy, false promises, lip service and lies.

In the last 12 years this nation has become a country of people at war with each other constantly facing a barrage of bullets.

We need gun control. We need Congress to work hard for a change, stop dragging its feet over important issues and a thorough cleanup of all the crime and violence portrayed on television.

Violence has been a cancer eating at our society for too long.

Sheila Waters


Trolley or rail line, it's noisy

I haven't slept in three months since the opening of the light rail line.

As a Woodberry resident, my neighbors and I lived in harmony with our infrequent Conrail freight train. During two years of negotiations with the MTA we were assured our new street car line would benefit our people and our neighborhood and would be completely noiseless.

Well, we now feel betrayed, for our lives are filled with a tractor trailer type horn blast every 6 1/2 minutes 140 times a day. That's 4,000 blasts a week, sometimes more, depending on how late the train continues to operate for Orioles games.

We're told this is a federal train regulation. Is this a train? We were led to believe this was an electric street car.

Our elderly residents are crying, our children are traumatized and the rest of us are trying to function on cat naps.

Agnes Molloy


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