Bizarre CoverageI am writing to object to The Sun's...


July 22, 1992

Bizarre Coverage

I am writing to object to The Sun's coverage of the June 30 pro-choice rally held at Hopkins Plaza in Baltimore. Well over 400 people gathered to voice their concern over the Supreme Court's weakening of women's reproductive freedom in America know this because that is how many signatures Maryland for Choice collected that day.

In the middle of a moving and impassioned speech by Lt. Gov. Mickey Steinberg, your reporter and the rest of the press rushed to cover one -- yes one -- lone anti-choice demonstrator in the crowd. Was there one member of the press there to cover Mr. Steinberg's words, words from a potential gubernatorial candidate on one of the most controversial issues in our state? No. Not only that, your article the next day carried a photograph of this one counter-demonstrator who declined to give his name. No photographs of Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke or the other elected officials, no photos of the hundreds of women and men full of concern, anger, fear and compassion for the women of America who face an uncertain future.

Your bizarre coverage of the event says that one man with a sign is more significant than covering key elected officials' stand on abortion and more important than 400 people (mostly women) with something to say.

I trust that at the next anti-choice event or rally or clinic protest, that each and every pro-choice counter-demonstrator will have her picture on the front page of The Sun, that she will receive equal attention and concern from the press. Until then, the real story on June 30 was that people in Maryland can hold back the Supreme Court's assault on our reproductive liberty by voting for Question 6 on Nov. 3.

Christyne Neff

Bel Air

Panic's Conflict

In The Sun July 15 it was reported that Milan Panic, a naturalized U.S. citizen, had become premier of Serbia. I was shocked and outraged to learn that he had been given a waiver by the State Department to retain his citizenship, in spite of the very clear wording of U.S. law stating that U.S. citizens may not serve as foreign governmental officials.

Mr. Panic took an oath to become an American to defend the U.S. and the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

How can the leader of a country against whom we have a trade embargo and one against whom we are considering military action possibly defend the U.S. Constitution, especially when he will also serve as defense minister?

In addition, he will retain his rights as a U.S. citizen and can vote in the upcoming general election for president of our country.

As a seventh-generation American, I have no ties to either Serbia, Croatia or Bosnia-Herzegovina, but I do recognize the incredible conflict of interest that exists when a naturalized citizen is the ruler of another country. When a person becomes a U.S. citizen, his or her allegiance is supposed to have changed. Evidently, Mr. Panic's has not.

The State Department has acted unwisely and is fostering treason. All Americans should be concerned that the State Department is playing some kind of game with our precious citizenship.

Mr. Panic needs to be forced to make up his mind about whether he wants to be an American or not. If he wishes to remain the premier of Serbia, then he should be forced to renounce his U.S. citizenship immediately. The State Department and Secretary James A. Baker III need to be aware of U.S. law and follow it.

Stokes Peebles


No Sympathy

When I became aware of the song "Cop Killer" by Ice-T, I was angry, shocked and enraged. I could not believe that someone would write a song that essentially glorifies cop killers.

I have always been opposed to censorship. I will remain so. However, it is my belief that Ice-T and Time Warner Inc. have gone too far.

Your music critic, J.D. Considine, stated that the song and the album, "Body Count," are meant to be a joke. Well, I am not laughing. Neither was my mother 16 years ago, when my father, Officer Jimmy Halcomb, was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Mr. Considine believes that everyone should just laugh and it will then all "blow over." It is not so easy for the families and friends of those killed in the line of duty.

Carrie Halcomb


Red Run

Hurray for Robert S. Knatz's letter (June 24) proposing the addition of 150 acres in the Red Run area of Owings Mills to the Soldiers Delight Conservation Area.

It is a rare and special opportunity to preserve some of our land and stream natural heritage in its pristine state.

And as Mr. Knatz points out, this project provides a unique opportunity for the environmental and the real estate development communities to get together as both can be supportive.

How nice it would be to have a win-win situation. Let's work to accomplish this goal as soon as possible.

Dan K. Morhaim


Guns and Outlaws

John E. Woodruff of your Tokyo Bureau shed some new light on the gun control debate on July 11.

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