Man held in stabbingWESTMINSTER -- A Liberty Street man...

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July 22, 1992

WESTMINSTER — Man held in stabbing

WESTMINSTER -- A Liberty Street man was arrested Sunday afternoon after he allegedly stabbed a man during an argument.

Vonzell Mandarin Cook, 32, faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and assault with intent to murder in the wounding of Edward Preston Frisby, of Pennsylvania Avenue.

In court documents, Pfc. Richard Ott said he arrived on Pennsylvania Avenue Sunday for a call about a fight. He said he found Mr. Frisby "leaning against a wall with blood on the right side of his face, his right hand, and on clothes on the lower abdominal area."

Mr. Frisby and Mr. Cook were apparently behind Mr. Frisby's home when they began fighting over an incident in which Mr. Cook allegedly pushed Mr. Frisby's wife, Winifred. Words were being exchanged when Mr. Cook picked up a "6-inch broken tip knife and slashed Frisby" on the face, the report stated.

Mr. Frisby went inside his home and retrieved a pair of sticks, the officer wrote. Mr. Cook drove his car from the rear of the residence and came inside for a brief period before walking out again, the report said.

The two men began fighting again, police said, and Mr. Cook stabbed Mr. Frisby in the stomach with a second knife he had apparently taken from Mr. Frisby's kitchen.

Mrs. Frisby and an unidentified person tried to break up the fight, during which Mrs. Frisby was cut on the forearm, the report said.

Mr. Frisby was taken to Carroll County General Hospital, where he was in stable condition.

Mr. Cook was being held on $20,000 bond at the county detention center.

6 face drug charges

Six men were arrested this weekend in two drug-related incidents, police reported.

In the first incident, state police officers arrived at the home of Bill Heinecke in the 1700 block of Northview Drive to remove unwanted guests from the residence. Mr. Heinecke was letting his grandson, Jerrod Steger, 18, stay there while his parents were on vacation, but Mr. Heinecke did not want two other men, Jamie Burley, 18, and Adam Bushong, 19, in the house, Trooper Rudy Hanson wrote in his report.

Trooper Hanson and Trooper Chris Hannon went upstairs where the men were sleeping and found a tray of marijuana seeds, a brass pipe and other drug paraphernalia, they reported. The three men were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Prior to entering the house, the officers saw an open backpack with "bong pipes" inside.

Mr. Steger and Mr. Burley were being held yesterday at the Carroll County Detention Center on $500 bond; Mr. Bushong, who was wanted on an unrelated charge, was held on $1,000 bond.

The second incident involved a tip to the Carroll County Narcotics Task Force that four men in a maroon 1976 Oldsmobile would be carrying quantities of cocaine, reports said.

Sgt. Andrew McKendrick saw the car making a turn onto Sandymount Road off Route 140. As the officer approached the car, he saw Harold Brightful, 29, of East George Street, putting an object between the seat and the car door, reports said.

The car's other occupants -- Herbert Dorsey, 36, of West Main Street; Lundon Lucich, 21, of Brimfield Circle in Eldersburg; and an unknown man -- were told to get out of the car.

A search of the car and its occupants yielded 14 bags of cocaine and related paraphernalia, police said. Mr. Dorsey, Mr. Brightful and Mr. Lucich were arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, the report said.

Mr. Dorsey and Mr. Brightful face additional charges. Mr. Dorsey was charged with maintaining a public nuisance because he owns the car the four were traveling in.

Mr. Brightful is charged with resisting arrest and battery when he "pulled away" from an officer and hit one on the left shoulder, the report said.

5) Their trial is scheduled for Aug. 14.

2 juveniles arrested

State police arrested two youths for allegedly vandalizing and stealing from four cars early Friday morning, state police reported.

The boys were charged later that day with destruction and theft from the vehicles, which were on and around Macbeth Way, in Eldersburg.

Police said they also were charged with stealing and vandalizing three other cars in incidents dating back four months.

Each youth is charged with seven counts of destruction and seven counts of theft and possession of stolen property, Tfc. George Prager reported.

Tractor driver injured


WESTMINSTER -- A man driving a tractor was injured Friday night when he hit a curb and lost control of the vehicle, state police reported.

William Wayne Sexton, 51, of the 3300 block of Blacks Schoolhouse Road, was driving north on Littlestown Pike shortly after 10:30 p.m., when his car struck the curb at the roadside, crossed the center line and left the roadway.

He hit a chain-link fence, a tree and the staircase outside the New Life For Girls residence at Kriders Church Road, police said.

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