Methodist church robbed in Mount AiryAn intruder who stole...

Police, fire log

July 22, 1992

Methodist church robbed in Mount Airy

An intruder who stole brass candle holders and a fire extinguisher from a Mount Airy church during the weekend also used the building as a temporary home, Howard County police said.

Howard Chapel United Methodist Church, at 1970 Long Corner Road, was robbed between Thursday and Sunday, said Sgt. Carl Layman. The robber entered the church by smashing a window pane in a door. Police concluded that the thief stayed overnight because a couch had been moved.

Unlike the racially motivated vandalism of the Simpson United Methodist Church by three teen-agers last August, there were no signs of damage at Howard Chapel, said Sergeant Layman, a supervisor in the Crimes Against Property Unit.

"This doesn't fit any type of pattern," Sergeant Layman said of the isolated church, near Patuxent River State Park. "There was no indication of a religious or hate crime."

The brass candle holders are worth about $200, speculated Sergeant Layman. He said robbers often target churches because they contain expensive silver and brass religious items.


The following crimes have been reported to Howard County police:

Ellicott City

3000 block of Ponte Vedra Court: A lawn mower and bicycle were taken from an open garage between July 15 and 18.

2800 block of Fox Hound Road: A lawn mower was taken from an open garage between July 12 and 13.

2800 block of Quail Creek Court: A door opener, washer, heat gun, and soda were taken Thursday from an open garage.

10300 block of Waverly Woods Drive: A lawn mower was taken from an unlocked garage between Thursday and Friday.

10200 block of Weatherberry Tavern Court: Liquor and paper products were taken from an open garage between Thursday and Friday.

3800 block of Spencer Court: Trading cards and comic books were stolen July 7 and 11. There were no signs of forced entry.

1000 block of Century Drive: A VCR, jewelry, and cash were stolen between Friday and Saturday. An unlocked garage was entered and the doorknob to the front door was smashed.

7700 block of Old Stockbridge Drive: Cash was taken between (( Thursday and Sunday from the Woodland Village Pool. The door was damaged.

High Point Road and St. Johns Lane: A copy machine and tools were stolen from Haverhill Construction Co. between Thursday and Friday. A door deadbolt was pried open.


9600 block of Covered Wagon Drive: A refrigerator was stolen between Thursday and Friday. An unlocked window of the vacant town house was entered.


9500 block of Longlook Lane: A Genesis controller was taken on Saturday and again on Sunday. An unlocked door was entered.

6200 block of Light Point Place: A window was smashed and items were stolen between Friday and Sunday.

6200 block of Cobbler Court: Using a garage door opener to open a garage, robbers stole a toolbox and golf clubs Friday. The golf clubs were recovered the next day at Rustling Leaf & Silver Sod.

5200 block of Eliots Oak Road: A VCR, suitcase, jewelry box, jewelry, and collector coins were stolen between Saturday and Sunday. A window, which had been covered with electrical tape, was smashed, and pry marks were found around the door frame.

10900 block of Swansfield Road: Jewelry and coins were stolen Saturday. A glass door was smashed.

9100 block of Route 108: Police responded to an alarm Saturday at the Joggers Ice Cream & Yogurt. A door was smashed but nothing was taken.

5300 block of Phelps Luck Drive: Cigarettes and potato chips were taken Saturday from a High's store. A garbage can was used to smash a window.

8900 block of Lambskin Lane: A storage shed lock was pried between Thursday and Friday at Lambskin Pool, but nothing was taken.

5300 block of Phelps Luck Drive: Cash was taken from Grandfather's Nursery between Thursday and Friday. The greenhouse plastic was cut and an office window was pried open.

6300 block of Woodside Court: A TV was taken from Allstate Insurance between Saturday and Sunday. A window was smashed.

8900 block of McGaw Court: A computer, clothes and shoes were taken from Boyzville Distribution between Friday and Saturday. A window was shattered.

6400 block of Freetown Road: A cash register containing money was stolen from Parcel Plus Monday. A door was smashed with a rock.

8500 block of Davis Road: Lighting fixtures and lights were taken from an unlocked house under construction Wednesday.

5900 block of Tamar Drive: A 1987 brown Nissan Maxima was stolen between Saturday and Sunday. The Maryland license plate is WZH503.

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