Housing director says Elkridge co-op head will keep position

July 22, 1992

Although tenants of an Elkridge housing cooperative say they will persist in their attempts to oust the co-op president, a county housing official says the issue is finished.

Tenants of Guilford Gardens Cooperative must sign a second petition and vote at a special meeting to remove Perry Wayne Crawley, who has been accused of shouting obscenities at children and threatening residents.

Although tenants signed a petition seeking to oust Mr. Crawley from the board of directors, they failed to achieve a quorum at a meeting last month.

"The issue is dead in the water," Howard County housing director Leonard S. Vaughan said.

At a tenants' meeting Tuesday, few residents seemed interested in signing another petition, said Mr. Vaughan, an appointed member of the board of directors.

But resident Dianne Nelson, who created the initial petition, vowed to draft another.

Ms. Nelson has alleged that Mr. Crawley shouted obscenities at her and threatened to sabotage her car when she attempted to pass out petitions and fliers urging tenants to oust Mr. Crawley from office.

Mr. Crawley also shouted obscenities at children and threatened to throw a tenant from her wheelchair, said Ms. Nelson.

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