2 plead guilty to burglary in condominium chase

July 22, 1992|By John Rivera | John Rivera,Staff Writer

Two Annapolis men charged with chasing a man through the homes of two families last December pleaded guilty yesterday in Circuit Court to burglary and malicious destruction.

William R. Savoy Jr., 26, of the unit block of Monument St. in Annapolis, and Benjamin D. Kirby Jr., 19, of the 100 block of Rosecroft Drive in Annapolis, had both been charged with assault with intent to murder and burglary.

They admitted to chasing Ralph E. Simms, 18, of the 700 block of Bay Ridge Ave. in Annapolis, through two condominiums at the Annapolis Overlook complex at about 4 a.m. Dec. 21. Simms had just shot their friend, Leon Surgeon, in the groin as Simms was being beaten by Mr. Surgeon and other men at the adjacent Robinwood public housing development.

When Savoy and Kirby caught Simms outside the home of Bryan and Jayne Carlson and began fighting with him, Mrs. Carlson opened her window and told them to be quiet or she'd call the police, said prosecutor Warren W. Davis III.

"One individual said, 'Yes, please call the police,' " Mr. Davis said. The other person ordered her not to call the police "or we'll do something to you."

Simms was thrown through the window of the Carlson home. He then sought refuge with the Carlsons' neighbor, Ellen Bump. Savoy and Kirby pursued him, smashing windows with an ax and a piece of wood.

Savoy and Kirby were able to smash through a glass security door in front of the building and Kirby entered Ms. Bump's condominium. Simms grabbed Ms. Bump and used her as a shield. Savoy, armed with the piece of wood, began swinging at Simms, hitting Ms. Bump in the process.

"These individuals are screaming that they are going to kill Mr. Simms. 'We're going to kill him! He shot our buddy,' " said prosecutor Warren W. Davis III.

"At one point, they picked up furniture . . . and smashed it on top of Mr. Simms. But unfortunately, it also got Ms. Bump," he said.

As part of the plea agreement, Savoy, Kirby and Simms will pay $5,000 restitution to the victims. "And that represents only the out-of-pocket losses" suffered by the Carlsons and Bumps, Mr. Davis said.

Kirby is free on $30,000 bail. Judge Bruce C. Williams ruled that Savoy, who has not been able to raise his $30,000 bond, be held in the Anne Arundel County Detention Center on a work release basis that would allow him to get a job while awaiting sentencing. Sentencing is set for Aug. 28.

Simms has pleaded guilty to assault with intent to maim and reckless endangerment and will be sentenced Friday on those convictions and on an unrelated cocaine distribution conviction.

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