Ecology-chic lingerie line likely to gain in popularity

July 22, 1992|By Knight-Ridder News Service

Ecology continues to be a key selling point among fashion retailers. Not only is it chic to care about the environment, it's also a nice selling point.

Earth Age is among the latest entrants in the ecology-chic category -- and also one of the most attractive. While it's being marketed as a sleepwear line and you'll find it exclusively in Nordstrom's lingerie department now, it's likely you'll also be seeing the T-shirts, jackets and maybe even a unitard on the street.

Each piece in the collection is made from cotton that naturally grows in color, resulting in pale tones of green, pink and yellow. The colors are very subtle, but bound to become readily identifiable badges of honor to the environmentally aware. Unbleached cotton lace is used as trim on some pieces, waistbands are drawstrings and buttons are made of Brazilian tagua nuts. Prices start at $18 for a tank top, $26 for T-shirts, $34 to $68 for a jacket and $72 for a pajama set.

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