Schlock films a summer TV staple


July 20, 1992|By Steve McKerrow


* The spring season just past featured many characters walking down the aisle, and one of the funniest sequences surrounded the odd-couple splicing on "Evening Shade" between Evan (Hal Holbrook) and former stripper Fontana Beausoleil (Linda Gehringer).

Tonight's repeat (at 8, Channel 11) is the middle show of the three-parter that led up to the March nuptials. Evan's bachelor party turns into a do-it-yourself affair because the babe who comes out of a cake isn't available -- she's the bride.

* Hey, if WNUV-Channel 54 viewers can pick a Charles Bronson gunplay movie, "The Mechanic," over the memorable "Sunset Boulevard" starring Gloria Swanson -- as they did in last week's telephone selection vote for the station's Monday movie -- what hope does Doris Day have? Tonight's choice is "Doris or Norris:" namely the apple-cheeked blond in "Move Over Darling" (1963, with James Garner) vs. action actor Chuck Norris in the awful "Braddock: Missing in Action III" (1988).

* Speaking of schlock movies, the "Summer of 1000 Movies" series on cable's Cinemax service tonight launches a week of screenings of the B-movie work of the Troma, Inc. studios.

On the schedule (nightly at 11): "Class of Nuke 'em High," "Dead Dudes in the House," "Chopper Chicks in Zombietown," "Haunting Fear" and "Def by Temptation."

* How about a schlock documentary? HBO tonight premieres "Marilyn: The Last Interview" (at 9:30). Hollywood's tragic blond still fascinates, and this documentary includes audio tracks from her last public interview with Life magazine, as well as never-seen footage of home movies.

* You can't get a better send-off for an action series than a Clint Eastwood special. That seems to be ABC's thinking tonight, by offering "Clint Eastwood on Westerns" at 9:30 (Channel 13), preceding the new series "Human Target" at 10.

The new show stars Rick Springfield, who assumes the identity of a high-ranking general who is targeted by a hit man (David Carradine).

* Do you think you know a lot about the capital city to Baltimore's south? Maybe not. The travel series "A World Away" on the Bethesda-based Discovery Channel of basic cable tonight (at 10 o'clock) explores Washington, D.C.

* WMAR-Channel 2 has begun accepting entries for its Eleventh Annual Drama Competition for black playwrights. The winning entry will be produced by the station and The Arena Players as a one-hour TV show, to be aired in Black History Month, next February.

Interested writers should call the station, 377-222, for details, or look for brochures at local libraries and universities.

* First released in January as a hot rental cassette, the 90-minute video of the pilot episode of the Fox hit series "Beverly Hills, 90210" is due to be out for sale this week in video stores.

The cost is $19.98, and includes a postcard poster of the cast.

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