Stadium Doctor

July 19, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

I would like to know why they stopped posting the pitchers' numbers on the out-of-town scoreboard. I know they list the pitching changes in the middle portion, but I would like to know who is pitching in the other games at all times -- and the winning and losing pitchers when the games are completed.

Jeff Orner

York, Pa.

Dear Jeff Orner:

Thank you for calling my attention to this important matter, which, I'm sure, is troubling to many baseball fans and to parents of certain middle-relief pitchers. I'd just like to go on record as saying I like math very much and once even tried to sell the Orioles on a crowd-pleasing scoreboard game in which fans would try to guess their favorite players' social security numbers.

I researched your question thoroughly, even taking the rare step of making a phone call to somebody who might be helpful. What I found is that the pitchers' numbers disappeared about mid-May, mostly due to complaints that the scoreboard was overcrowded with numbers. People like you aren't happy with the present arrangement, either. The Orioles are trying to figure out a way to restore the numbers in a way that make them readable.

Dear Stadium Doctor:

When at out-of-town baseball games or watching the Orioles on the road, I've found that many ballparks have sound effects or an organ to get the crowd excited and make the game more fun. Oriole Park at Camden Yards doesn't offer such amenities.

Considering how new the stadium is, wouldn't you agree that Oriole Park at Camden Yards should at least have "Charge!"?

Lisa Gindlin


Dear Lisa Gindlin:

I don't know what you're trying to pull here, but Stadium Doctor rarely falls for trick questions. I say rarely because there was that letter several months ago seeking a list of local outlets carrying Camden Yards bath products, including toilet water and guava beauty bars. Regrettably, I failed to see through that.

I agree that the Orioles should play the familiar bugle charge at the new ballpark. But I should also inform you that they do, frequently with Cal Ripken batting and the bases full.

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