E. Bright Wilson, 83, a longtime professor of chemistry at...

Deaths elsewhere

July 19, 1992

E. Bright Wilson, 83, a longtime professor of chemistry at Harvard University, died of pneumonia July 12 in Cambridge, Mass. He was known for his pioneering work contributing to the understanding of the structure and dynamics of molecules through molecular spectroscopy. His many honors included a 1976 National Medal of Science, this nation's highest scientific accolade.

Hammer DeRoburt, 69, the first president of the tiny, rich South Pacific republic of Nauru, died of undisclosed causes July 15 in Melbourne, Australia, following several years of poor health. He was elected president in 1968 when the island just south of the equator became independent after being a United Nations trust territory. Nauru's 9,000 people have one of the world's highest per capita incomes, at about $20,000 a year. The wealth comes from rapidly depleting, but rich deposits of phosphate.

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