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July 19, 1992


It can happen here

From: Robert G. Pepersack Sr.

Sheriff, Anne Arundel County

Recent events in the courthouse in Fort Worth, Texas, serve to highlight the necessity for a properly staffed, adequately funded and professionally managed law enforcement agency to ensure the peace, dignity and safety of our courts.

A disbarred attorney entered the Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth with a 9mm handgun. During a court proceeding, he walked into a courtroom and shot two judges and two attorneys. The two judges were seriously wounded and the two attorneys were killed.

His motive -- to attract attention to his ongoing divorce with his estranged wife. For this, two innocent people are dead and two more are seriously injured.

No metal detectors barred his path into the courthouse. No armed, professionally trained deputy sheriffs guarded the courtroom. No security measures were in place and functioning.

Why? Because it won't ever happen here! But it did -- two dead and two wounded in a matter of seconds.

Entering the Circuit Court in Annapolis, you must pass through ++ metal detectors manned by trained court security officers. You will encounter professional law enforcement officers, deputy sheriffs, patrolling the hallways and standing vigilant in courtrooms. Emergency plans have been written and practiced.

Why? Because it could happen here!

We are all familiar with the strained government budgets caused by this recession, and our county government is trying to make every dollar count. But there is one area where money becomes secondary, and that is when we count the price of human life.

Your Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office will continue to provide the security required of our courts despite tight budgets, restricted resources, and deficiencies in staff -- as cost-effectively as possible.

Why? Because it could happen here!

Pleased with Pace

From: Jeanette D. Wessel

Executive Vice President, Anne Arundel Trade Council

The Anne Arundel Trade Council is very pleased that County Executive Robert R. Neall has recommended Mike Pace to fill the at-large vacancy on the Anne Arundel County school board. As the countywide business organization responsible for nominating Mr. Pace to the school board seat, we are proud to have participated in an important process.

We remain confident that Mike Pace has the qualifications and personal commitment as a member of the Anne Arundel County school board. As businessman, attorney, former teacher, and father of three children in the public school system here, he will make an excellent addition to the board.

The Trade Council, the voice of business in Anne Arundel County, also commends the school board on its selection of C. Berry Carter II as new superintendent of schools. We wish Mr. Carter great success at the helm of this county's educational system and look forward to an increasingly close and productive working relationship with him and the entire school board.

Praise for congressmen

From: George Weikart

Chairman, Steering Committee

I am writing this letter in praise of responsive local government representatives who look after the interests of their constituents.

Responding to the petition of some 380 residents and water users in the communities surrounding Cornfield Creek, Councilman Holland, Senator Holland, Senator Jimeno and Delegates Cadden, Huff, Kolodziejski were tremendously effective in preventing the installation of a slalom course on the creek. They wrote letters, attended hearings and interceded with state agencies in representing the interests of the local majority. The help of County Executive Bob Neall and Congresswoman Helen Bentley is also acknowledged and appreciated.

Despite the efforts of politicians outside our district attempting to support a small, specialized interest group, local majority representation won the day!

The people making up the communities of Longpoint, Mil-Bur and Blue Waters Farm got the representation we asked for and deserved -- we will remember!

Help from Jimeno

From: Ruth M. Volz

President, Board of Directors

Chesterfield Garden

Recently, an erosion problem existing for seven years behind one of our condominium buildings was finally resolved thanks to Sen. Philip Jimeno.

We have been going back and forth between the builder, the developer and Anne Arundel County without getting any definite answers. It seems they could not determine where responsibility fell for the problem.

When the canyon eroded up to the patio of one of our residents, it was obvious this had to be taken care of immediately.

In desperation, we contacted Senator Jimeno. Within 24 hours, we began getting some concrete answers, and within a month, repairs were made and all is well.

We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to Senator Jimeno for his prompt attention and help to bringing this matter to a conclusion.

In these times when we the people are so disillusioned with our public officials, we are fortunate to have Senator Jimeno representing us. He truly cares about his constituents.

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