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July 19, 1992


I am a professional singer responding to your article on karaoke ["Micro-Phonies," June 7]. It started out great! Everything was positive and enjoyable; then on the last page it ended by basically offending clubs that do not use karaoke, and it leaves professional, struggling musicians feeling unvalued. I quote Colette Kelly: "The usual nightclub scene is really a negative place. . . . With karaoke, people sing and interact with each other."

My husband and I have our own band here in Baltimore. We

primarily do private parties, but once or twice a month we work in clubs. I can assure you that people do not just "sit there and watch the band," as someone said in your article. There is dancing, socializing, and our clients are entertained by professionals who have a desire to satisfy them.

While karaoke is a wonderful outlet for the amateur, it can in no way replace a professional performance. The past five years have been hard on all of us in this industry. It has been our choice to try to keep a dying art alive in Baltimore. I think it would be great if The Sun did an article in praise of musicians and bands who make a living with this art. I mean, we literally "sing for our supper."

Trisha Palumbo


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