Bond redemptions

July 18, 1992|By Bloomberg Business News

PRINCETON -- Municipal bond issuers announced yesterday the early redemption of three issues totaling more than $10.84 million.

The issues being called are:

* Peabody, Kan., Series 1987-A, Peabody Memorial Nursing Home revenue bonds maturing March 1, 1993 through March 1, 1998 and March 1, 2002. All outstanding bonds called at 103 on Sept 1, 1992.

* Lancaster County Hospital Authority, Pa., Lancaster General Hospital Project revenue bonds maturing July 1, 1993 through July 1, 1998. All outstanding bonds called at par on Aug. 15, 1992.

* Texarkana Medical Facilities Corp., Texas, First Mortgage Hospital revenue bonds maturing Sept. 1, 1996. $240,000 bonds called for Sinking Fund at par on Sept. 1, 1992.

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