Baltimore CitySTABBING: Northwestern District -- A man was...


July 17, 1992|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Edward L. Heard Jr. from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

STABBING: Northwestern District -- A man was released from Sinai Hospital yesterday morning after being treated for stab wounds he suffered to his arm and leg in the 4400 block of Park Heights Ave. Police said the victim was arguing with another man who drew a knife and began attacking him. No arrests have been made.

THEFT: Northwestern District -- A woman was ordered to withdraw more than $3,000 from her account by a man who threatened her in the 3500 block of Hilton Road Monday, police said.

THEFT: Northwestern District -- A diamond ring and a pair of shoes was stolen from a residence in the 3400 block of Callaway Ave. between the end of June and yesterday. The property, which was valued at $1,920, may have been stolen during a party the victim held during that period. Police said the victim did not realize the property was taken until yesterday.

THEFT: Northwestern District -- A $400 phone was stolen from an unlocked parked car in the 3400 block of Labyrinth St. yesterday morning.

THEFT: Northwestern District -- A telephone and stereo were taken from a parked car in the 3500 block of Labyrinth St. early yesterday. Police believe the theft is related to the theft in the 3400 block.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Two men, one armed with a handgun, took about $300 from a man in the 2400 block of Pickering Drive yesterday morning before fleeing on foot.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Two men held up a woman at gunpoint Tuesday morning as she entered her home in the 1600 block of McClean Blvd. The men fled with $300.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- A woman assaulted a man in the 5700 block of Cedonia Ave. yesterday and took $24 from the victim's pants pocket.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Someone smashed a front window of the Fashion City clothing store in the 5100 block of Sinclair Lane early yesterday and took several articles of clothing, police said.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A home in the 2100 block of Westfield Ave. was broken into yesterday morning while a resident was asleep. Police said the suspect used a ladder to enter a second-story living room window and stole the victim's car keys and house keys.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- About $1,000 was stolen from an unoccupied home in the 4200 block of Nicholas Ave. over the past week, police said.

ROBBERY: Southeastern District -- A woman was thrown to the ground and robbed of $106 just before midnight Wednesday in the 1700 block of Aliceanna St. Police said the woman was closing her front door when two men in their 20s, one armed with a gun, surprised her. The victim was bruised on her legs and wrist.

BURGLARY: Southeastern District -- A $200 air conditioner was stolen from a residence in the 200 block of N. Broadway Wednesday night. Police said the suspects entered with a key.

BURGLARY: Southeastern District -- A man was arrested early yesterday after he stole more than $800 in food from Lim's Seafood in the 1000 block of E. Lombard St. The suspect bent a security gate and broke a glass window to enter the store, police said.

THEFT: Southeastern District -- More than $1,800 in property was stolen from a Toyota truck parked in the 1500 block of Thomas St. Wednesday afternoon.

ROBBERY: Southeastern District -- A woman was robbed of $109 Wednesday night by another woman she met in the 200 block of S. Broadway. Police said the suspect had been conversing with the victim. When the victim turned to walk away, the woman struck her with a sharp object and demanded money.

ASSAULT: Southeastern District -- A man was cut in the eye by a stick Wednesday night in the 2100 block of E. Pratt St. as he fought another man over a woman. Police said a suspect had been arrested.

ROBBERY: Western District -- Three men, one with a handgun, robbed a man of $100 and jewelry in the 2100 block of Presbury St. last night.

THEFT: Western District -- A rear window worth $800 was stolen from an unoccupied van early yesterday in the 800 block of N. Warwick Ave..

ROBBERY: Western District -- Jewelry valued at $320 was taken from a man in the 800 block of Brice St. last night after he was threatened by another man.

BURGLARY: Southeastern District -- A home in the 2300 block of Orleans St. was robbed early yesterday while the residents were asleep, police said. Property with an estimated value of $235 was taken.

THEFT: Southeastern District -- Power tools valued at $405 were stolen from a parked car in the 1700 block of N. Chester St. yesterday afternoon. Police said the suspect pried open a side window to enter the vehicle.

BURGLARY: Southeastern District -- Pocketbooks, vases and necklaces were among more than $800 in property stolen sometime over the past two days from Gull's Landing, a store in the 900 block of S. Broadway. Police said the suspect entered through an unlocked door.

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