Operation Rescue arrests ordered DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION

July 16, 1992

NEW YORK -- A federal judge yesterday ordered the arrest of six members of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue to face contempt charges for thrusting a fetus at Bill Clinton and for blockading abortion clinics.

Among those to be arrested are Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, and Keith Tucci, its executive. No representatives from Operation Rescue appeared at the hearing before U.S. District Judge Robert Ward in Manhattan.

Other defendants are Harley Belew, who tried to give the Democratic presidential candidate a fetus in a plastic container Tuesday; Patrick Mahoney; Joseph Foreman, who is also a member of Missionaries to the Pre-Born and Youth for America; and Robert Schenck.

Mr. Belew, Mr. Foreman and Mr. Schenck were arrested on state charges Tuesday for transporting a fetus into New York, removal of human remains from the place of death and improper disposal of a fetus. They were later released.

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