CONVENTION notes from all over:The governor of Wyoming...


July 16, 1992

CONVENTION notes from all over:

The governor of Wyoming dropped by the Maryland delegation's daily breakfast meeting Wednesday at the invitation of Maryland State Democratic Chairman Nathan Landow.

He surveyed the palatial room in the old Villard mansion that is now part of the Helmsley Palace Hotel at Madison Avenue and 50th Street and said in awe, "You did good!"

In awe and probably in envy, too. The Wyoming delegation is staying at the Ramada Inn on 8th Avenue between 48th and 49th Streets, in the heart of the porno district. Its plight was chronicled in a full page article in the National Journal's Convention Daily.

The hotel is a neighbor to a very rough and very busy gay bar, headquarters for transvestite prostitutes.

Another neighbor is a fire station. Some Wyoming delegates asked two firemen for advice.

"Stay east of 8th Avenue," one said.

;/ "Stay west of New York City," another said.

* * IF YOU thought the Democrats gathered in New York City were all liberal, take a closer look.

The Louisiana delegation includes state Sen. James David Cain, who claimed his moment of national fame in 1990 by proposing a solution to the flag-burning furor that would not involve amending the U.S. Constitution. His method? He introduced a bill in the state legislature that would have reduced to a $25 fine the punishment for assaulting someone who was defacing the )) flag.

Fortunately the bill failed. Who knows what unsuspecting citizen might offend a fellow patriot by wearing the likeness of the flag on a pair of jeans or tossing away a cup emblazoned with the Stars and Stripes?

* * * CHARACTERS of all stripes -- both inside and outside the convention hall -- are staples for Democratic Conventions, which usually makes them infinitely more entertaining than Republican gatherings. Here's how the Philadelphia Daily News saw it in a recent editorial:

". . . As always, the thumb-suckers are awash in theories about what will happen should this or that aggrieved interest group raise enough hell to make the nominee look like a total dork.

"That would be in the tradition of the Democratic Party, where there lurk many people who are upset that neither Che Guevara nor William Kunstler is on the ticket. Another bunch believes that all those who do not want to immediately clap all abortion-seekers in irons should be denied public office. . . .

"It is fun to watch the rectitudinous, the ridiculous and the dead wrong parade around in silly hats and make one's political adversaries look stupid. . . .

"In the end, our choice will come down to Bill Clinton, Bush and probably Ross Perot. It's too late for Che, Mother Teresa, Liberace or Eldridge Cleaver to get into it."

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