L'eggs Egg Gives Way To The Box

July 16, 1992|By Ellen Creager | Ellen Creager,Knight-Ridder News Service

First came panty hose.

Then came the egg. Now, the egg is being dumped in favor of packaging so customer friendly any dumb cluck can open it.

The familiar white plastic eggs, hallmark of L'eggs panty hose for 22 years, are being replaced by small, recycled paperboard packages that are better for the environment and simpler for shoppers to decipher.

If you're an egg collector, start stocking up. This month, stores are changing over to the new display.

When L'eggs first hatched in 1970, the company offered only a few shades of panty hose. Now more than 600 varieties of L'eggs are on the market, for pregnant, large or slack-tummied women, for women who need their legs energized, colorized or slenderized, even for children.

The egg loss will be a blow to Brownie troops and craft clubs everywhere (no more Christmas ornaments and candy dishes made of L'eggs eggs).

Yet the new package, with its larger type and smaller box, is the wave of the future, says Mary Gilbert of L'eggs Products in Winston-Salem, N.C. The egg shape is no longer fashionable. Square is in.

L'eggs' new paperboard packaging scores points with David Major, director of environmental standards for Green Seal, a Washington-based environmental products organization. For one of those plastic eggs to decompose in a landfill, Mr. Major says, it would take "as long as it takes to make oil from dinosaurs."

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