Convention doesn't rate well for networks

July 16, 1992|By New York Times News Service

For the three television networks, Tuesday was another night of not-so-great ratings for the Democratic convention.

ABC's convention coverage, which ran 60 minutes, drew a rating of 5.8 and was viewed by about 7.4 million people, according to Nielsen Media Services. In contrast, "Coach," which ran right before ABC's convention coverage began, had a 12.6 rating and 19 million viewers.

NBC's convention coverage, which also lasted 60 minutes, had a 4.4 rating and 5.5 million viewers. "Quantum Leap," which led up to the convention on NBC, had a 6.2 rating and 8.8 million viewers.

CBS ran no prime-time convention coverage because it was televising the baseball All-Star game instead. The game had a 14.9 rating and 22 million viewers.

PBS, which is covering the convention in partnership with NBC, got a 3.7 rating for its three-and-a-half hours of coverage and had about 5 million viewers.

Because CNN is a cable television network, its ratings are not directly comparable to those of the broadcast networks. Its coverage reached roughly 1.5 million households.

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