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July 15, 1992

Developers' PR coup

From: Thomas W. Simon


Just as Senator Bentsen reminded Dan Quayle that he was no John Kennedy, so developers need to be reminded that they have a long way to go before they become environmentalists.

To indicate otherwise represents revisionist history at its best.

The developers of Patuxent Springs in Laurel have pulled off the ultimate public relations coup.

In case you did not know, developers do not simply develop homes, they also develop wildlife sanctuaries. Never mind that Winchester Homes only discovered their environmental consciousness after citizens from neighboring Hammond Hills organized, threatened and protested the proposed devastation of 55 acres that included the destruction of trees, hills and anything else that stood in development's way.

Forget the fact that those so-called wilderness ponds are required for sewage and drain-off purposes and not for the wildlife.

By ignoring the historical record, bulldozers may even begin to look like canoes.

Perhaps The Sun might learn how to draw a clearer line between news and advertisement. Articles like "A wildlife-friendly development opens in Laurel" [The Howard County Sun, June 21, by Sherry Joe] promoting the interests of developers at the expense of environmental truth, do little to serve the interests of journalism. The real story lies elsewhere, in how citizens can force developers into somewhat minimizing the destruction-for-profit strategy. At least, we may be able to prevent reporters from looking like developers.

(The writer is a former resident of Laurel.)

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