Overpass ends traffic light at U.S. 29, Seneca

July 15, 1992

State Highway Administration engineers are planning to give motorists a taste of the new traffic patterns in Columbia with the elimination Friday of the traffic light on northbound U.S. 29 at Seneca Drive.

The scrapping of the light will be made possible by opening the Seneca Drive overpass to traffic from southbound U.S. 29.

On Labor Day, engineers hope to open the new Broken Land Parkway interchange, which will allow for the elimination of the U.S. 29 signals at both Owen Brown Road and South Entrance Road.

Another change, the extension of Broken Land Parkway to connect with the Columbia Mall parking lots, was approved by the county Planning Board last week. Rouse Co., county and state highway officials say that change, as well as the extension of Martin Road to Hickory Ridge Road, may not be completed until later this year.

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