News update, 'Howard Daily,' premiers on cable Channel 16 offers 5-minute segments of county coverage

July 15, 1992|By Dan Thanh Dang | Dan Thanh Dang,Staff Writer

In a story published Wednesday, the channel responsible for producing "Howard Daily" was identified incorrectly. The show is produced by Channel 15 and appears on CNN's Channel 16. News anchorwoman Pia Jordan was also misidentified.

Channel 16 has launched a news program for county residents that will focus on area issues and events.

"Howard Daily" is a five-minute segment aired hourly (although on no particular schedule) on the same station that Howard Cable Television Associates uses to carry CNN "Headline News." The segments, which premiered June 15, are updated once a day. They are produced through a partnership between HCTA and the county public information office.

"There's not really anything on the air for in-depth county coverage and there's a lot of information that the public doesn't have access to," said Ken Mays, public information administrator. "The concept is to just get more information out to the public.


"We're trying to do something different along those lines with this show and we're really hoping that the public will find this program helpful," he said.

The show has a news desk format and is anchored by Tia Jordan. It will cover such happenings as County Council meetings, recycling programs and community calendar events.

"It's not just for what elected officials are saying but what citizens are saying too," Mr. Mays said. "It is a partnership between government and the private sector that directly benefits the community."

The show's stories have included groundbreakings on two new county libraries and the Harper's Choice village center.

Columbia's 25th anniversary and an historical perspective of the city also were featured on "Howard Daily," as well as the community service campaign for safety belt use by the county Police Department.

"It's only been running a couple weeks and I think its been pretty well received," said Tom Beach, general manager of HCTA. "I think it's what residents are looking for. And the show does a good job of giving people the local news in five minutes."

"There hasn't been a lot of promotion to let the people know that we're here," Mr. Mays said. "But as soon as people realize it, I'm sure they'll tune in."

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