Point of OrderCall me old-fashioned and labelme "prude."I...

July 14, 1992|By Elizabeth II Snake He has the right idea, this benign black snake who swallows his day's findings whole: one lump at a time without dissecting. He lies open-eyed but motionless at the edge of the garden path, bulging, breath-stopping, mysterious as a Christmas stocking. Joyce S. Brown

Point of Order

Call me old-fashioned and label

me "prude."

I find that Mad Donna

! unbearably crude.

I don't care for singers whose

' clothes are reversed --

When you're dressing, your

.` underwear ought to come first!

Mum's Is the Word

Charles, although he's wed to Di,

Cannot control his roving eye.

He has to have his little fling;

It's lots more fun than being king.

"Some day I'll give the boy my crown,

But not until he's settled down,"

Sums up the way his fate is reckoned

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