* Don't rule out Brad Pennington, who started at Single-A...

Around the horn

July 12, 1992|By Jim Henneman

* Don't rule out Brad Pennington, who started at Single-A and is now at Triple-A, in the Orioles' search for another left-handed reliever. Speaking of which, it's hard to believe that after going 84 games with only one left-hander, the Orioles are willing to risk losing Jose Mesa to add Pat Clements. They wouldn't have made that deal before spring training, when Mesa didn't even figure into their plans.

* Milwaukee's Bill Wegman suddenly has challenged Ben McDonald as the American League's leading provider of home runs. Before last night, Wegman had given up homers in nine straight starts, 20 for the season.

* Just in case there's any doubt about who is the best-throwing catcher in the American League, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez of Texas, threw out 26 of the first 48 runners (54 percent) who tried to steal against him. The league average is barely above 30 percent. Rodriguez also hit eight home runs in his first 187 at-bats.

* The proudest former sandlot coaches in the San Diego area this week are Jerry and Kevin Anderson, father and uncle, respectively, of Orioles left fielder Brady Anderson.

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