How should we recycle?Editor's note: The county...

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July 12, 1992

How should we recycle?

Editor's note: The county commissioners have ordered private trash haulers to pick up recyclable material from residential customers starting July 1. Apart from some towns, residents are encouraged but not required to sort out recyclables. The immediate aim is to begin complying with state law, which requires counties to recycle a percentage of their solid waste. The commissioners also want to reduce the amount of trash going to county landfills. We have asked our readers if they think recycling is a good idea, if they recycle, if recycling should be mandatory and if the commissioners should contract for countywide trash pickup. Here are some of their reponses:


From: Marianne Sheehan


Yes, recycling is an excellent idea.

Yes, we have been recycling for some time now.

Yes, it should be mandatory. Too many people think to "let the other guy do it, I don't have time for this" attitude.

No, the commissioners should not get involved in trash. This is a free enterprise and competition is very healthy.

8, Fogel's offers us a discount to recycle.


From: Carol Rankin


Recycling is an excellent way to help get the environment in shape so our children can have a clean and beautiful place to live.

To really get things going back on the right track, mandatory recycling is a must. If the county only leaves it up to the minority of people who recycle, sure, we'll put a little dent in progressing in the right direction, but why would the county feel good about itself with that little dent?

I would think Carroll County should set a big example, make recycling mandatory.

Recycling is not difficult and we all could feel good knowing our county is doing it's best. And our children will benefit -- the entire county could be proud.

If the county would make recycling mandatory, I guarantee it would not be a mistake -- it could not possibly be a mistake.

Why is the county still dragging its feet on this issue? I would hope it is not just political.

If there was a cure for AIDS tomorrow, would the medical fields stand back and discuss whether it would be beneficial to go ahead with the answers or just discuss it over and over? I think not.

When there is a definite problem going on, then there should be a definite decision made to correct that problem. The only way to correct the problem of the environment is to do something about it and do it now.

Carroll County should be a county with good ideas and progress. Bettering the county should only be natural. If the county was to take a poll in the schools from all the children, I'm sure you would find the interest concerning recycling overwhelming from our children all over the county.

Our family has been recycling for a couple of years now and we have seen a great reduction in the landfill garbage set out.

The solution is simple -- the best thing for Carroll County is to recycle now.

As far as the commissioners contracting countywide trash pickup, that would be fine, too. We are presently having Fogel's pick up our recyclable items.

If private haulers wish to continue to pick up recyclables, then perhaps the county should work something out with them.

But I still feel that the only way to get the improvement we want our children and their children to see is for us to take action now.


From: Steven W. Webb


I currently recycle and Fogel's pickup will make it even easier, but I say no to a mandatory plan and no especially to countywide trash pickup.

7+ More "government" -- much more expense.


From: Samuel R. Dorsey

Mount Airy

I think recycling is a good idea and I do recycle.

I use the containers at Watkins Park in Mount Airy and I notice they are filled, and overflowing at times, very quickly.

I was told by a person in the recycling office at Westminster that these containers would be removed at a later date. Since this seems to be an efficient way to recycle, why remove the containers?


From: Michael Boyle


Explore cost/benefit of purchasing color-coded containers for different kinds of recyclable trash and county pickup versus drop-off centers.


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