It's Arrived: Postmark


July 12, 1992|By MICHAEL DAVIS

By opening today's magazine you've probably already noticed we've made another content change.

After much thought, we've decided to replace "Upfront," the Page 2 cavalcade of celebrity news, with a new series of portraits of rural life we're calling "Postmark." We've asked some of The Sun's finest writers and artists to venture across the region in search of small but important locations, places worthy of your notice on a Sunday morning.

Our first author-artist duet features Elizabeth Large, restaurant critic and former editor of Sun Magazine, with Jef Dauber, a lifelong Marylander whose illustrations have enhanced the pages The Evening Sun for many years. Elizabeth and Jef visited the Eastern Shore town of Trappe on different spring days, but both came away with similar -- and favorable -- impressions of this outpost off Route 50.

In upcoming issues we will take you east and west, north and south, from the smooth tidal pools of the Chesapeake to the craggy peaks of Western Maryland, always in search of amiable rural towns and the fine folk who inhabit them.

Why did we bid adieu to "Upfront"? Our feeling was that in recent months The Sun has enhanced its coverage of personalities with the addition of "People and Places" on Page 2 of the main news section. Because it runs in the daily paper, "People and Places" is up-to-the-deadline fresh. Because the magazine is printed weeks before it arrives at your door, we were not always able to provide the freshest tidbits on the trendy in "Upfront."

Further, our effort is to fill Sun Magazine to the brim with words and pictures about life in Maryland. "Postmark" brings us closer to that goal than "Upfront" ever could.

We make one out-of-towner exception for Dave Barry, whose commentaries originate at the Miami Herald. He's not local, but he's nutty enough to be.

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