They said itFrom yesterday's news conference by Arkansas...


July 11, 1992

They said it

From yesterday's news conference by Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Tennessee Sen. Al Gore in Little Rock:

Mr. Gore: A year ago when I announced that I was not going to be a candidate for president, I made that decision because . . . my son and my family and I were going through a healing process following his near-fatal injury [suffered when the boy was struck by a car outside Memorial Stadium as he and his father left an Orioles game]. It has been a wonderful year for us. . . . His injuries have fully healed; the trauma our family experienced during that painful episode has fully healed.

Question: The White House has already started to tag you as being liberals, both of you. How do you respond to that?

Mr. Clinton: Well, that's the old dog they trot out every election, and I don't think it will hunt this time. . . . I went through the primary process, and everybody said I was too conservative.

The White House is saying we're liberal because that's the only ** word they know. . . . If they can convince people their opponents are bad, then they don't have to be held responsible for the worst economic record in 50 years. . . . I mean, it's an excuse for not thinking. The American people want to think in this election.

* Question: Governor, Jesse Jackson said that he would support the Democratic Party, but he refused to say that he would support this ticket. Does that concern you at all?

Mr. Clinton: Well, he'll just have to make up his mind on that like every other American will.

* Mr. Clinton: We have a good personal relationship, and the chemistry is very good. We went

running today, and he didn't run me into the ground. I thought that was good evidence of personal chemistry.

Mr. Gore: As for me running him into the ground, all these campaign aides who told me last night that the governor's not in the kind of shape that he was a year ago, they are wrong, I'll tell you that.

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