Today, from Jeremy Rifkin's recently published...


July 10, 1992

THOUGHT FOR today, from Jeremy Rifkin's recently published book "Beyond Beef:"

"Moving beyond the beef culture is a revolutionary act, a sign of our willingness to reconstitute ourselves, to make ourselves whole. . . . By doing battle with 'the world steer,' a new generation expresses its sensitivity to the biosphere and its regard for the plight of the poor. By eliminating beef from the human diet, our species takes a significant step toward a new species consciousness, reaching out in a spirit of shared partnership with the bovine. . . ."

The world steer?

* * * BEAUTIFUL Baltimore, a volunteer organization started in 1971 prettify this city, is at it again.

Over the years, it has planted more than 100,000 daffodils and dozens of trees around the city. Now it wants to find Baltimore's prettiest gardens.

The rules are simple. The garden has to be located in Baltimore City and it must be visible from the street. That's it. No minimum size, no limits on concepts!

If you want to nominate your neighbor's garden, your own or a total stranger's, send a postcard with the name of the owner (if you know), the address with zip code and comments together with your name to Beautiful Baltimore, 303 Oakdale Road, Baltimore, Md. 21210. Deadline is Aug. 15.

In addition to a certificate, winners will have their names listed in the next issue of the Beautiful Baltimore newsletter.

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