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July 08, 1992

Registration a success

From: Helen R. Fister

Voter Registration Chairwoman

County Republican State Central Committee

The Republican Women of Anne Arundel County, the Young Republicans and the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee, in a combined effort, held a four-day voter registration at the Annapolis Mall the first week in June.

With the help of more than 20 volunteers, we were able to assist more than 450 people who took the opportunity to register at this time. We wish to thank all the volunteers, and we extend special thanks to the management of the Annapolis Mall, who were very helpful and made it possible for us to furnish this valuable service.

This was one of many voter registrations that the various Republican clubs in the county have been involved in during the last two years, for which the Aris Allen Award for outstanding voter-registration effort was presented to Anne Arundel County on June 13 at the Maryland Republican Convention in Greenbelt.

No money, no repairs

From: Howard F. Huebel


Lack of funding for said Mountain Road suits me just fine.

Having lived on the peninsula for 24 years, and enjoying it overall, I still do not see any need for the widening of the road.

Politicians like to think they are doing well whenever there is a way to spend taxpayers' money. It makes them look good. I just wish we would have more rebuttal on the need for this so-called improvement from the people who use this road. Personally, there isn't any problem from this writer.

Oh, I regret state Sen. Philip C. Jimeno, D-Brooklyn Park, being frustrated, uh huh.

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