Makeup expert touts the more natural look

July 08, 1992|By Nicole Foy | Nicole Foy,Dallas Morning News

Some women search for cosmetics that will instantly transform them into a replica of a Cosmo model, but deep down they know the bottom line: We're stuck with what we've got.

But what's so bad about that?

Nothing, says makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

Although she's worked with some of the world's most glamorous models -- Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Iman, to name a few-- Ms. Brown says that every woman holds the key to beauty.

"I believe that beauty is based on personal style. And the cosmetics that enhance a woman's natural features are what will complement her best," she says.

Ms. Brown, 32, is one of the hottest makeup artists in her profession.

She offers the following steps for a 10-minute makeover:

SG * Start with a stick foundation half a shade lighter than your skin

tone. Cover the areas around the eyes and nose, and use as a concealer for blemishes.

* Apply a tinted, loose powder for overall coverage. The best powders have yellow undertones (not translucent) to complement the skin's natural color.

* Use a brown matte eye shadow to define eyebrows. Remember: the lighter your hair, the lighter the shade of brown.

* With the same brown shadow and a thin brush, outline your eyes. For a more dramatic, evening look, try defining your lower lash line with a brown or black pencil before applying the shadow.

* Apply a medium-tone shadow over your entire eyelid. For evening: Use a deeper color in the contour of your eyes.

* To warm your complexion, brush a tawny color blush on the apples of your cheeks.

* The final touch: lipstick. And if there's time, try outlining your lips in a slightly different color tone (not translucent) to complement the skin's natural color.

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