A leaner cuisine for a slimmer Pavarotti


July 08, 1992|By SYLVIA BADGER

When opera star Luciano Pavarotti came to Baltimore in 1986 for a Baltimore Opera Company benefit, Larry and Lorraine Denmark prepared a banquet for him after his performance, complete with one of his favorite beverages, Dom Perignon rose.

At the time Lorraine was pregnant. Pavarotti asked if she would sit on his lap and he patted her stomach, saying it was an "old custom" and perhaps the child would sing. Three years later, Pavarotti performed at the Baltimore Arena and the Denmarks fixed lunch and dinner for him. When they asked him to autograph their child's picture, he responded, "Well, does she sing?"

It came as no surprise that they were asked to prepare the food for the Pavarotti party when he appeared at the Capital Center July 1. However, this time they were told that Pavarotti is on a strict diet, so they arrived with a spa cuisine menu, prepared at their restaurant, Lorraine's Pizza Pasta Grill, on Reisterstown Road.

Shortly before the performance, it was announced that President Bush and the Japanese ambassador would attend the performance, so when the Denmarks arrived, loaded with platters of food, the Secret Service was there with their bomb sniffing dogs, who checked out (and nibbled) the food. Then Uzi-carrying guards passed metal detectors over everything. The Denmarks made it through and managed to chat with a gracious, thinner Pavarotti before and after the concert.


Around town: Orioles left fielder Brady Anderson, who told a reporter last week that he is single and happily so, has had a very pretty visitor cheering for him at the O's games this week. Her name is Georgie and he met her last winter on the Orioles cruise on the Fair Princess. He was one of the Orioles playing host to fans who took the cruise and she was a dancer on the

cruise ship . . .

What comes to mind when you hear the names Bunny Dwin, Eddie and Ansela Dopkin, and Lenny and Gail Kaplan? I immediately think of good food since they are among the best of Baltimore caterers. Dwin, who has been in the catering business since 1978, has decided to join forces with the Dopkins and Kaplans and be part of the Classic Catering People. What an awesome lineup . . .

Dionne "That's What Friends Are For" Warwick will be at Harborlights Sept. 10 for a fund-raiser for the House of Ruth. Tickets are $100, which includes a cocktail party at Harrison's before the show, or $50 for the show only. They have an energetic committee led by Amy Elias, Lainy LeBow, B. J. Cowie and George McGowan, so tickets should go fast. Call (410) 889-0861 for more information . . .

If you're taking your children to the Orioles game Friday night, tell them that David Jack, nationally known children's recording artist, will be singing the National Anthem. Jack, who has been on a Fox TV children's show, has also performed at the White House and his music has won several Parents Choice Honor Awards. His fans range from 3-12 in age.

A colorful and interesting ceremony, which the whole family will enjoy, takes place Sunday at 6:30 p.m. at Fort McHenry. It's a tattoo ceremony and you can bet this one will be special because James M. Ridenour, director of the National Park Service which oversees the running of the fort and other historic sites, will be made an honorary colonel. The Fort McHenry Guard will present an 1814 Drill and a U.S. Navy band will play.

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