Survival course

July 07, 1992

It is a sign of the times that Northwest Baltimore community activists feel neighborhood children need a course just to survive the mean streets.

"We don't have nature walks here like they do in some other places -- this is a survival walk," Michael Johnson, an organizer, said as about 100 children went through an orientation tour.

With 17 children under the age of 15 having been victimized in shootings so far this year in Baltimore City, it may indeed be a good idea to teach them about some of the common-sense things to do and to avoid on streets. At the same time, it is shocking to hear Mr. Johnson conclude that, "Right now we don't own our streets. The city doesn't own them, either. We've got to work around the drug dealers."

Making streets safe again will be no easy feat. But it will be made easier if children become watchful not only in their behavior but in alerting police to criminal activity.

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